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Pride to Protect (D-BT03/049EN) [Advance of Intertwined Stars]

Pride to Protect (D-BT03/049EN) [Advance of Intertwined Stars]


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Rarity: Rare
Set Name: Advance of Intertwined Stars
Card Number: D-BT03/049EN
Release Date: 2021-11-19
Unit: Set Order
Grade: 3
Skill Icon: None
Nation: Keter Sanctuary
Power: 0
Shield: 0
Critical: 0
Flavor Text: There is no way we can retreat. We shall put a stop to them here!
(After a Set Order is played, put it into your Order Zone.) Play this with [COST][discard a card from your hand]! [CONT]Order Zone:All of your grade 3 rear-guards get"Boost".
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