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Lycoris Musketeer, Vera (D-VS02/078EN) [V Clan Collection Vol.2]

Lycoris Musketeer, Vera (D-VS02/078EN) [V Clan Collection Vol.2]


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Rarity: Triple Rare
Set Name: V Clan Collection Vol.2
Card Number: D-VS02/078EN
Release Date: 2021-11-19
Unit: Normal
Grade: 3
Skill Icon: Twin Drive
Nation: Zoo
Race: Bioroid
Clan: Neo Nectar
Power: 13000
Shield: 0
Critical: 1
Flavor Text: Gather here, noble blades! Let the flowers for funeral rites bloom!
Imaginary Gift: Force
[ACT](VC)[1/turn]:[COST][Counter-Blast 1 & retire two rear-guards], choose two cards from your drop, put them on the bottom of your deck in any order, look at five cards from the top of your deck, choose up to two unit cards from among them, call them to (RC), and shuffle your deck. If you called two cards with "Musketeer" in their card names, this unit gets drive +1 until end of turn. [CONT](VC):If your opponent's vanguard is grade 3 or greater, and "Lycoris Musketeer, Saul" is in your front row, all of your front row rear-guards get the [Power] this unit had got from trigger effects this turn.
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