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Imanotsurugi (D-TTD01/009EN) [Touken Ranbu: ONLINE 2021]

Imanotsurugi (D-TTD01/009EN) [Touken Ranbu: ONLINE 2021]


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Rarity: Trial Deck
Set Name: Touken Ranbu: ONLINE 2021
Card Number: D-TTD01/009EN
Release Date: 2022-01-21
Unit: Normal
Grade: 1
Skill Icon: Boost
Nation: Other
Race: Touken Danshi-Tantou
Clan: Touken Ranbu
Power: 7000
Shield: 0
Critical: 1
Flavor Text: "Hello there, I'm Imanotsurugi, the sword that protected Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Pretty amazing, if I do say so myself!"
[CONT]: Sentinel (You may only have up to four cards with "[CONT]: Sentinel" in a deck.) [AUTO]: When this unit is put on (GC), [Cost]: [Discard a card from your hand], choose one of your units, and it cannot be hit until end of that battle.
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