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Dragonic Overlord (D-BT02/SP01EN) [A Brush with the Legends]

Dragonic Overlord (D-BT02/SP01EN) [A Brush with the Legends]


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Rarity: Special Parallel
Set Name: A Brush with the Legends
Card Number: D-BT02/SP01EN
Release Date: 2021-07-23
Unit: Normal
Grade: 3
Skill Icon: Twin Drive
Nation: Dragon Empire
Race: Flame Dragon
Clan: Kagero
Power: 13000
Shield: 0
Critical: 1
Imaginary Gift: Persona Ride
[CONT](VC/RC):During the battle this unit attacked a rear-guard, your opponent cannot call cards from their hand to (GC). [AUTO](VC)[1/turn]:When this unit's attack hits, [COST][Counter-Blast 1] & discard a card from your hand], [Stand] this unit, and it gets drive -1 until end of turn.
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