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Capable Helper (D-BT06/081EN) [Blazing Dragon Reborn]

Capable Helper (D-BT06/081EN) [Blazing Dragon Reborn]


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Rarity: Common
Set Name: Blazing Dragon Reborn
Card Number: D-BT06/081EN
Release Date: 2022-10-21
Unit: Normal
Grade: 1
Skill Icon: Boost
Nation: Brandt Gate
Race: Workeroid
Power: 8000
Shield: 5000
Critical: 1
Flavor Text: The multipurpose patrols guides the citizens while scouting potential recruits!
[AUTO]:When this unit is placed on (RC), [COST][Soul-Blast 1], choose a card with "Hero" in its card name from your drop, and Scout it to your Base. (Scouted cards are put face up into your Order Zone)
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