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Beast Deity, Blank Marsh (BT09/034EN) [Clash of Knights & Dragons]

Beast Deity, Blank Marsh (BT09/034EN) [Clash of Knights & Dragons]


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Rarity: Rare
Set Name: Clash of Knights & Dragons
Card Number: BT09/034EN
Release Date: TBA
Unit: Normal Unit
Grade: 1
Skill Icon: Boost
Nation: Star Gate
Race: Battleroid
Clan: Nova Grappler
Power: 7000
Shield: 5000
Critical: 1
Flavor Text: Resembling an all-knowing spiritual beast, a grappler with infinite strategies at its disposal.
[AUTO](RC):[Counter-Blast 1 & Put this unit into your soul] When an attack hits a vanguard during the battle that this unit boosted ([Boost]) a, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your rear-guards with "Beast Deity" in its card name, and [Stand] it.
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