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Battle Sister, Macaron (V-BT05/018EN) [Aerial Steed Liberation]

Battle Sister, Macaron (V-BT05/018EN) [Aerial Steed Liberation]


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Rarity: Double Rare
Set Name: Aerial Steed Liberation
Card Number: V-BT05/018EN
Release Date: 2019-08-09
Unit: Normal
Grade: 2
Skill Icon: Intercept
Nation: United Sanctuary
Race: Elf
Clan: Oracle Think Tank
Power: 9000
Shield: 5000
Critical: 1
[AUTO](RC)1/Turn:When you look at your deck by an effect during your turn, you may have this unit get [Power]+10000 until end of turn. (Activates from "look", "reveal", "search" effects. +10000 regardless of number of cards looked at with one effect)
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