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Alwida's Command (BP01-032EN) [Advent of Genesis]

Alwida's Command (BP01-032EN) [Advent of Genesis]


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Set Name: Advent of Genesis
Release Date: 2023-06-30
Rarity: Gold
Card Name: Alwida's Command
Card Number: BP01-032EN
Flavor Text: [swordcraft][cost03] Viking (Follower - Thief) [attack]3/[defense]2 | Storm. [swordcraft][cost02] Steelclad Knight (Follower - Officer) [attack]2/[defense]2 [swordcraft][cost01] Knight (Follower - Officer) [attack]1/[defense]1
Types: Spell
Traits: Thief
Class: Swordcraft
Cost: 5
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